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Creative Direction, Re-branding, Layout and Print Design, Social Media Development, Content Creation


BUNCH Magazine, A Quarterly Print Publication for the daring creative.

BUNCH Magazine started out as a  beautiful publication, but lost it's audience when there was no clear branding or context to the content they were looking at. They had a few thousand followers via Instagram and people interested in the concept, but hit a point where the audience plateaued and they couldn't figure out why.

Through a number of activations, we defined who the BUNCH brand was, created a visual identity to match, and launched the 4th issue with the elevated style and language of the brand through cover-to-cover layout design, art direction of the cover story and creative direction over the entire brand and where it was going. We focussed not only on the rebranding of the publication, but on the strategy for social media engagement, and the roll-out of content, events, and new issues.


image development

for issues 4-8 we developed multiple editorials for these issues. starting with developing a visual concept, we spent time pulling together moodboards, scouting locations, shooting and producing the body of work below.

Flower Girl - Issue 08


branding deliverables

  • Tagline "a guide for the daring creative"

  • IDENTIFIABLE Hashtag #oneoftheBUNCH used widely amongst the creative instagram community

  • intensive instagram activation resulting in jumping from 3k - 16k in 9 months

  • Strict brand guidelines for imagery

  • developed a new layout design structure that reflected an actual guide. This meant dividing the magazine into 3 sections, Guide, Inspire, and Express. Then filling the sections with permanent stories, new content per issue, and coming up with a theme per issue. This also meant we played with design elements like line styles, clean clear typography, & other elements that resembled the feeling of being guided through the issue.


Social media

After listening to the goals of the Editor-in-chief to make sure the social media was community based, we developed a schedule for posting and went after BUNCH’s target audience. Over the course of 9 months, we went from a few thousand followers to 20k followers.

instagram feed + motivational monday branded quote


digital conference design


website feature stories


creative direction

– Feature Story Concept, Layout Design, Editorials

  • Issue 4, Dream

  • Issue 5, Rebel

  • Issue 6, Music

  • Issue 7, Design

  • Issue 8, 100 Creatives

cover development for issues 4-8


Digital Issue

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