3 Ways To Create A Sustainable Brand


Is your business build to last?

This year, Instagram and Facebook were down a number of times sending brands into a frenzy. When strategies to drive business solely through social media are powerful, are they the sole lifeline of your brand?


While social media is a huge driver for companies small and large, we recently got a glimpse of how at risk your brand is when it solely depends on one funnel, *cough* Instagram *cough,* as your brand’s home base and sole marketing strategy.

We’ve gotten the question of whether it’s important to have a website at all and if it’s necessary to be on multiple social media platforms. At DFS, we are well aware that you can drive business, get clients and book deals all through your IG feed. But what most don’t realize is if anything were to happen or slightly change on those platforms it could alter the state of your business.


Why? Because we don’t own them!


We’ve all been at the mercy of an algorithm that made us change our the way we approach social media…or just frustrated us, and we’ve witnessed how much organic reach on both Facebook and Instagram has declined in the past few years. Truth is, we didn’t know how good we had it (free marketing) but we’re also still not taking full advantage of how good it currently is.


3 Tactics to Use


Diversify Your Platforms

While we believe in going all in with the platform that is working the best for you, it’s important not to neglect other platforms your target customers are using. It doesn’t have to be complicated, or even your main focus, but creating simple content for other platforms that make sense for your brand is a must.

During the Instagram crash, when we refreshed our timelines to no avail, everyone ran to Twitter... and just like that, another platform momentarily became the focal point. While we can’t predict what’s next or when things will change, we can take the reminder that we shouldn’t have all our eggs in one basket. By using strategies like the 79/21 rule, we can put in a tiny more effort to help our brands ride the social media wave.


Yes, You NEED A Website

While there are a number of people who believe having a website is no longer necessary, we actually say they are still a must. We think of websites as your home base and social platforms, etc. as the messengers that get people to your house. It’s true that a lot of brands are achieving the results they want solely through social media and other hubs online, but websites offer additional benefits such as:

  • It allows you to separate yourself from other brands on Instagram, showcase what do you, and ultimately curate your visitor's experience.

  • It helps Google understand what you do through SEO which leads to more traffic to your website and potentially conversions.

  • It gives your brand credibility, allowing the audience to dive into your brand story, and gaining trust for your brand …meaning they are more likely to make a purchase or inquire.


Grow Your Email List

The days of 90% open rates are over, but that doesn’t mean your email list is ineffective. Having your own database of emails is powerful because it gives you direct access to your customer without having to depend on an outside platform and consists of people already interested in your business. While the idea of running an active email seems like another task, you can make this as simple or elaborate as you want. While our personal strategy consists of pushing out our monthly newsletter you can use it to send updates, round-ups of important information, etc. Having another active touchpoint with your market is a way to keep you on their mind!

Having a pulse on multiple platforms, developing an effective website, and having some form of email marketing are all ways to sustain your brand. When you have multiple touchpoint’s for your audience to connect with you, you create trust with them while dodging the ebbs and flows of the internet world.