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Squarespace Website Design

launch your squarespace website design in 2-weeks with a high-end, beautiful brand specific look, front-end and back-end seo development, and a strategy to generate higher sales and leads for your creative business.


Hire a team with digital marketing insight, to build your high-end, professional website that connects your brand message to an engaged audience in the right way.

die free studios is a Certified squarespace circle member! 


website includes:

- 1-hour consultation & planning session
- color palette (simple)

- Font Selections (web only)
- Font-end SEO
- Back-End SEO
- Optimized for Mobile
- Custom Buttons & forms
- Marketing funnel set-up

- training video for maintaining YOUR website

$3,000 usd


Select website projects


add on's:

+ image development
+ Video
60 sec -Main video | 30 sec -teaser | 15 sec for -social media
+ Copywriting
+ brand logo & variation & mark
landing pages for specific target audiences


let's get started:


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