Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting


Don’t need our full Discovery Series and need to get to the root of a specific problem? Let’s chat.


  1. Prep worksheet

  2. A 60-minute phone call or video walkthrough (pre-recorded)

  3. PDF of the main action items from call.

  4. 15-minute follow-up call (recommended after you get started on our suggestions).

Let's Chat

Choose The Consultation You Want:

General Consultation

This is for whatever you need! Let’s dive into a specific topic around your brand & business to create a solution backed in strategy to get you on your way. Need a general overview of what to do next? This is perfect for that as well. We’ll meet on live video and walk through all the components on your brand’s online presence or discuss where you’re at internally.

Website Audit

We create a video walking through your website page by page to tell you everything we would keep and toss on your website. With advice tailored to design, copywriting, the structure and flow of your website and everything else that comes to mind, this is an invaluable service empowering you to make the strategic changes yourself for the fraction of a website design to attract the sales and people you want.


Let’s take a good look at your brand and what it’s communicating and to who. We’ll talk about your visual identity (logo, color palette, fonts, imagery) and what specific things you can do to update your brand today!

Need creative marketing ideas for your next campaign or don’t know what to post online? We can discuss that as well.

Disclaimer: A simple consultation cannot replace the Discovery Series. This is meant for you to get quick and effective feedback for something you ideally can execute yourself or internally.