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A brand is a story that’s always being told. at die free studios our services are packaged to fit your brand and it’s needs.



Taking brands from inception to implementation, we offer services rooted in graphic design and the principles of visual communication. We implore creative solutions to each brand’s needs. From visual identity, social media positioning, product packaging and more, our services are designed to cater to your brand at every stage of growth.


Strategy services

+Discovery Series
+Brand Strategy
+Concept Development
+Consultation (Brand, Website, Other)

Growth & Maintenance services

+Social Media Strategy & Set-up
+Content Creation
+Marketing & Maintenance

Creative services

+Branding (Visual Identity development & positioning)
+Art Direction
+Photography (E-Commerce, Lifestyle & Editorial)
+Print and Packaging Design
+Website Design & Development




The Process



Our Discovery Series in an in-depth consultation to advise the best creative & marketing solutions for your individual brand. We need to understand the complete In’s and Out’s of your business which is why every project starts with the Discovery process. This will allow us to effectively work towards goals based on strategy and metrics.

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From the Discovery process, we are able to strategically dive into creative activations tailor-made for your brand. Covering everything from image production, website and graphic design, print materials, and social media …we’ve got you covered.

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Launching your creative is the foundational phase, but now it’s time to be active in the world and grow the brand. We take care of brands by making sure their social media accounts are aimed at achieving their goals, developing campaigns and email marketing strategies to keep the audience engaged. 

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