Moodboard: Diamonds & Desert


When creating visual identity's for businesses moodboarding is my favorite part of the process. It helps get all the inspiration into one place and allows you to follow a mood throughout the rest of the project. 

For Diamond's & Desert I created the moodboard seen below. This was the first attempt and although a lot more feminine that I've ever created before, I loved that it had a feeling of high-end quirkiness to you. I thought it would be so fun to play between these two feelings.


Long story short, this moodboard was not approved. Not because it's not beautiful, because the client wanted something a little more approachable and upbeat. Below, is the updated moodboard. I'll admit, I'd grown attached to the moodboard above, but putting my personal style aside, I knew that I had to find a balance between the client wanting to be more approachable, yet keep their high-end vibe. When showing my images of brands and content they wanted their brand to feel like, it was a lot brighter and energetic BUT they didn't realize that those brands were catering to a different audience. Those brands' price points were way lower than ours, were speaking to a teen/young adult age category, whereas we wanted to free, life-loving, fun adult woman who's established who she is. 


In keeping the same ideals of luxe, high-end, but fun jewelry for the creative woman, I made the moodboard more bright and playful. I kept a clean, elegant logo ideal as well as maintained clean imagery that also encompasses a fun air. 

The client was happy with round two, and although I can't wait to do something with the first moodboard one day, I'm excited to work on the balance of the new and improved visual concept.