Perspective | Rick Owens

I've always admired people with a different work flow. I love how his isn't the typical designer's way of working through a collection. Some bullets:

  • He looks at his own clothing for inspiration
  • He dislikes mood boards (WHAAA?)
  • Doesn't like people to see where his inspiration came from (I respect it)
  • Doesn't want to be too influenced by the inspiration but would rather it be a memory he's working off of. I LOVE THAT.

Rick Owens chats with Vanessa Friedman about how his creativity...

In 2002, Owens was appointed artistic director at Revillon, the French fur company that was founded in 1723. Working and producing in Europe led him to his move from Los Angeles to Paris and show during the Paris collections. He also began his longstanding collaboration with stylist Panos Yiapanis, who has been working with Owens on all his catwalk shows to date.

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