Culture | NYFW Street Style


So I'm just frolicking around Vogue dot com as I procrastinate on this logo project that's been taking years to complete and I see my old Fashion Editor, Annina Mislin, just hopping around. Yes, I've always wanted to go to Fashion Week, BUT it's a little oversaturated now that stupid bloggers (ha ironic) have taken over the fashion industry. I love that things are more accessible to the public now, but hate the it's slightly lost it's exclusivity. But I guess that's any entertainment industry if we really think about it.


Annina Mislin, Stylist

As I came across some of these street style photo's I realized that I'm more excited about what's going on in the streets of New York, oppose to the white tents at the Lincoln center. These people are real YET rocking the brands in their own way. To me, that's what fashion's about, how you make it your own mix and shout to the world who you are through it. But who hasn't said that same thing about style before.