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Black Girl in Om

Website design


BLACK GIRL IN OM is a powerful, highly-engaged brand that focuses on the wellness of women of color.

The challenge was displaying all the varied components of their brand in a clear, clean, user-friendly experience through the website without overwhelming the viewer. In addition, our aim was to give them the digital space and layout to grow and expand as the brand grows over time.

With a large amount of content to display across the website, we created visual breaks through playing up their striking imagery and making that the focus of each page. We then focused on extending their messaging by highlighting strong 1-liners that grab your focus to understand what BGIO stand's for throughout the website experience. The layout design allows you to take in all the different areas of content in a clear, definitive way allowing you to fully experience each article, profile and podcast. Our overall aim was to convert their previous website into a visually dynamic experience without losing the beautiful artistic direction of their brand.