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Angela C. styles

E-commerce Website strategy & Design



Angela C. Styles is serial entrepreneur with an expertise in celebrity hair, children’s book author and a brand consultant based in Hollywood, California.

Through her hair line Conscious Curls and mission through Pretty Curls Club, Angela dives deeper than how your hair looks into quality, wellness and self-love for women of all hair textures.

The problem we worked with Angela was to figure out how to display all the aspects of her career into one place making it a clear page for customers and hair enthusiasts to come and get educated, purchase high-quality hair and connect with Angela personally.

Going through Discovery, we identified where the business was at, who her ideal client was for different aspects of her brand, and the hairs to highlight on the website based on the internal goals. We focus on the hair shop Conscious Curls as the priority is for visitors to shop and then lead them into education on what each hair texture can do and to get educated about their hair.